ALASCON has an extensive fleet of modern, well-maintained equipment. Our equipment fleet enhances our capability to accomplish any type of project in any environment, including isolated sites with severe weather.


headingg   Crane
   activity1 Rough Terrain
   activity1   All Terrain
   activity1   Truck Crane
headingg  Earth Moving Equipment
   activity1   Backhoe Loader
  activity1 Hydraulic Rock Breaker
   activity1   Hydraulic Rock Breaker
  activity1 Dump Trucks
   activity1   Rollers Compactor 2-5 Ton
   activity1   Plate Compactors
   activity1   Jumping Compactors
   activity1   Asphalt Cutter
headingg    Foreman &Concrete Equipment
   activity1   Concrete Mixers
   activity1 Concrete Vibraters
   activity1   Concrete Helicopters
 activity1   Concrete Power Screeder
   activity1   Jack Hammers
activity1   Chipping Guns
   activity1  Core Cutting Machine
   activity1   Walk Behind Concrete Saw
headingg    Material Transportation
   activity1   Bed Type Trucks
   activity1   Water Tankers
 activity1   Forklift
headingg  Generators & Welding Equipment
   activity1 Generators
   activity1 Welding Machine
 activity1 Mechanical –Grinders (Big & Small)
   activity1 Oxy / Acetylene Gas Cutter
headingg    Mechanical Equipment
   activity1   Blasting Machine
 activity1  Cold Cutting Machine
   activity1   Airless Painting Machine
   activity1   DFT & WFT Gauges
  activity1   Hydro Testing Machine
   activity1 Dewatering Pumps
 activity1   Magnetic Drills
   activity1   ManLift
   activity1 Pipe Pullers
   activity1   Chain Pully
headingg   Air Compressors & Lighting Tower
   activity1   Air Compressors
   activity1   Lighting Towers
headingg    Rebar
  activity1   Rebar Cutting & Bending Machine
headingg  Electrical Equipment
 activity1 Hydraulic Crimpers
 activity1   Hydraulic Conduit Bender
   activity1   Conduit Threading Machine
   activity1   Meggar Meter
 activity1   Earth Tester
 activity1   Lux Meter
headingg  General Transport
  activity1   Sedans
   activity1  SUV
   activity1   Pickup
headingg Workforce Transportation
   activity1 Mini Bus (Up to 15 Person)
   activity1   Bus
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