ALASCON COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2002 to service the expanding and challenging construction industry in Saudi Arabia. ALASCON’s business is driven by pioneering ideas, proficiency and preserving transparency at all levels of the company. We are dependable and responsible to our clients and committed to delivering quality in all segments. Today Alascon is operating successfully in all of fields of construction such as Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC & Instrumentation.

We are presently registered with Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Royal Commission and SCECO, under vendor # 10028684, 103057, 12143 & 32891 respectively.

Our past and present work speaks of our commitment to safety and excellent quality of work. ALASCON has trade links with leading global names in the construction industry and provide unparalleled after-sales support for the services we have performed.

Our experienced crew has through and vast field experience, knowledge and training about standard specifications and safety procedures. We believe in people qualities. Trust, respect, team spirit, the primacy of people over systems, recognition of individual initiative and teamwork are instilled in each and every ALASCON worker. Further, the fundamentals of worksite excellence, actions and behaviours and are central to the identity of all ALASCON employees.

Honesty, Sincerity & Authenticity has been at the core of ALASCON. We have the resources and knowledge to carry out any job, anywhere, with unmatched expertise. We are delighted to witness the satisfaction that we have delivered to our clients over the years. Further, we are thrilled to observe our dedicated & enduring relationship with our treasured clients despite of the magnitude of any project, Especially Saudi Aramco.

We hope that keeping in view our experience and availability of resources, our name may please be included in any job arising in your organization.