Being an employee at ALASCON is fun, requires handwork, and grants a rewarding career. Our workforce comprises of well qualified individuals who are committed to working in a professional manner as a member of a team dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients.

headingg    Management
   activity1   Managing Directors
  activity1   General Manager
   activity1  Project Manager
   activity1   Material Manager
  activity1   Safety Manager
   activity1   Projects Control Manager
   activity1  QA/QC Manager
   activity1   Finance Manager
   activity1   Construction Manager
headingg    Engineers
   activity1  Civil Engineer
   activity1  Mechanical Engineer
  activity1   Electrical Engineer
   activity1   Instrumentation Engineer
   activity1   HVAC Engineer
  activity1  Safety Engineer
  activity1  Cost / Estimation Engineer
   activity1   QA/QC Engineer
headingg    Foreman & Supervisors
   activity1  Multicraft Foreman
   activity1   Civil Foreman
  activity1   Mechanical Foreman
   activity1  Electrical Foreman
   activity1  Instrumentation Foreman
  activity1   HVAC Foreman
   activity1  Quantity Surveyor
   activity1   Estimator
   activity1   Scaffolding Supervisors (Certified)
   activity1   Safety Supervisors (Certified)
   activity1 Welding Supervisor (Certified)
  activity1  Blasting Supervisor (Certified)
  activity1   Painting Supervisor (Certified)
headingg    Skilled Labour
   activity1   Mason
   activity1   Plastering & Block Mason
   activity1  Tile/Granite/Marble Fixers
   activity1   Shuttering Carpenters
  activity1   Finishing Carpenter
  activity1  Plumbers
  activity1  Electricians
  activity1   Cable Splicers (Certified)
   activity1  Instrumentation Tech.
   activity1  Painters
   activity1   Steel Fixers
  activity1   Scaffolders
   activity1   Pipe Fitters
   activity1  Fabricators Pipe
   activity1 Fabricators Structural
  activity1   Welders Pipe
  activity1   Welders Structural
   activity1   Blasters (Certified)
   activity1   Coaters (Certified)
   activity1   Millwrights
   activity1  Side Boom Operators
   activity1   Equipment Operators (Certified)
   activity1   Heavy Duty Drivers
   activity1   Light Duty Drivers
   activity1   Time Keepers
headingg    Unskilled Labour
   activity1   Diggers
   activity1   Civil – Labours
activity1  Mechanical – Labours
activity1   General – Labours
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