Safety Statement


ALASCON has always maintained the highest commitment for safety Versace Pas Cher and the need for creating and maintaining a safe kenzo pas cher work environment for employees. We believe that our personnel are our greatest asset and that there health and safety at our work sites is our greatest responsibility. The commitment to maintain a safe work place and adopting an injury and illness free environment to protect workers from job hazards begins with everyone. It is of foremost importance to implement a safe work environment through communication, commitment, involvement, and implementation.

We believe in an open door policy that encourages close working relationship with all employees. Teamwork and a harmonious working atmosphere help to maintain good working relationships. Our workforce is encouraged to make suggestions for improvements in workplace safety and hazard reduction. Good Housekeeping is a major part of keeping the work area safe.Safety commitment is the driving force for organizing and controlling activities within our organization.

Our safety and health policy is effective because our establishment views a safe and healthy work environment as fundamental and applies its commitment to protect employees as vigorously as its commitment to organizational goals and strategies. Occupational safety and health will not be compromised to the demands of project schedule, production or cost. It is mandatory for our entire workforce to receive full job safety orientation prior to employment to protect their own Health and Safety and to ensure they work in compliance with the law and work safe procedures established by ALASCON. When you share the responsibility for safety in the workplace, EVERYONE wins.

Our safety goal will be achieved by:

Safety Statement
  • Commitment to a belief that accidents are preventable.
  • Employee involvement to improve the quality of workplace safety and health. This
    includes brainstorming, inspecting, detecting and correcting.
  • Committing auditing resources to detect hazards and ensure hazard correction.
  • Ensuring that all employees and subcontractors have the knowledge and training to accomplish the task ahead.
  • Extensive knowledge & proper use of PPE
  • Lastly, it is our objective to meet and exceed all safety and health regulations and to consistently implement work practices that are safe to enforce and understood by all employees.